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Stress Toys

Get rid of your every day stress by simply squeezing these fun stress toys. With a choice of Doctor Who Characters, Including Weeping Angels, Tardis and Adipose, there is a stress toy for every stressful occassion.
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Doctor Who Sonic Spork Doctor Who Sonic Spork
Is it a spoon or is it a fork...? It is neither! It is an Officially Licensed Doctor Who Sonic Spork.
This Doctor Who Spork has a handle designed like the ic...
Doctor Who Cyberman Etch A Sketch Doctor Who Cyberman Etch A Sketch
This Official Doctor Who Cyberman Etch a Sketch is a great way to create any design with an iconic childhood toy in the shape of the equally iconic Doctor Who C...
Doctor Who Weeping Angel Statue Doctor Who Weeping Angel Statue
Don't look away or you may be turned to stone with this Official Doctor Who Weeping Angel Statue. This highly detailed Doctor Who Weeping Angel is a great gift ...